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Treasure / Uneducating Mary

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THE TREASURE Sally Salisbury had always managed her household with little help and liked it that way, even though the family finances were constantly strained. But when a personal crisis forced her to give up her household responsibilities, Justine - neat, economical, and efficient - entered the family's life. Everyone was delighted with this "treasure" of a maid - everyone, that is, except Sally.... UNEDUCATING MARY Mary Constable was the envy of every woman in New Troy. She was beautiful, well-educated, and rich; married to one of the most prominent young men in town; and living in the loveliest house in the best neighborhood. It seemed that Mary had always had the best and always would. Then, in one shattering day, her wonderful, perfect world came crashing down around her. Her husband's business was bankrupt; they were ruined. Mary had to start learning to cope with a new kind of life and unlearning the ways of her old carefree existence. Her "uneducation" soon taught her more than she had ever learned in any book....

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