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Sean Oswald was born on Krypton, Zenn-La, or Planet Vegeta, depending on which one of his kids is asking and what mood he is in. He served in the USMC straight out of high school before going on to obtain a highly useful degree in ancient languages. Then, onto the mission field to work at an orphanage in India with his wife and 2.5 kids before returning to the US and surrendering to the dark side. Some say Sith, but his business card reads attorney. Now he lives with his wife and nine (yes 9) children in central Illinois. Although to be fair, some of the kids are moved out and now he has version 2.0 called grandkids–which are even more fun, despite still having a 4 year old of his own. When he isn’t serving justice, moving furniture for his wife, or playing with his kids, he is busy trying to force all the stories in his head onto a piece of paper.


Genres: GameLit

   Warrior's Tribute (2019) (with K R Dimmick, Zen DiPietro, Jon Frater, Dean Henegar, Aaron Holloway, Matthew Kent, Cindy Koepp, Ember Lane, Troy Neenan, Troy Osgood and TJ Reynolds)
   Legendary (2022) (with Anders Hansen, Michael Head, Dean Henegar, J Arthur Klein, Somnus Quill, Sunny Sain, Ledyr Tabot, R J Triveri and Han Yang)

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