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Ensnared Desire

(The first book in the Alpha Billionaires: Dual Pursuit series)
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In a world where a mere glance can enthrall, I, an omega, am swept away into the opulent labyrinth of the ultimate alphas—Colton and Jaxon Sterling.

I never mean to catch their eyes, never intend to pierce the veil of the elite with anything more than a passing glance. My world is one of steaming coffee cups and the comforting hum of espresso machines—far from the realm of alpha billionaires like Colton and Jaxon Sterling. Yet the moment I step into the glittering gallery in a dress that is more a fantasy than my humble reality, I am caught in a storm of desire that I am woefully unprepared to weather.

Colton Sterling—the brooding, dark-haired enigma—dominates his empire with iron resolve and a gaze that freezes all but the bravest hearts. He is the kind of handsome that whispers danger with every line of his chiseled jaw, drawing me in even as my instincts scream to run away.

Jaxon Sterling—with a rogue's grin, cavalier's swagger, and impulsive whims—is the daylight to his twin's shadowy night. Yet beneath his playful exterior lurks a possessiveness that is every bit as intense as his brother's.

Together, they present a challenge I’m not sure I want to overcome—or escape.

Confronted by their magnetic pull, I stand on the precipice of a dilemma: to flee this forbidden dance or surrender to the whirlwind of a twin attraction that threatens to sweep away all I hold dear.

Alpha Billionaires: Dual Pursuit, a contemporary billionaire ménage romance set in an omegaverse universe isa tale of longing, ambition, and the uncharted territories of the heart, where every choice comes with a price, and the stakes are as high as the enticements are sweet.

Please note that “Ensnared Desire” is a captivating first installment of the “Alpha Billionaires: Dual Pursuit” serial and is part of the Alpha Billionaire Series. These novels are designed to be read in serialized fashion, concluding with cliff-hangers that lead into the next exhilarating chapter. To fully enjoy the depth and twists of the unfolding storyline, the books should be read in the sequence they were published.

Mood Keywords: Steamy, Sensual, Intense, Passionate, Provocative.


Alpha Billionaires: Dual Pursuit
(Featuring Delcy Charlton and Colton and Jaxon Sterling)
1: Ensnared Desire
2: Untamed Passion (coming soon in June)

Genre: Romance

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