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Jan Potocki

(Count Jan Nepomucen Potocki)
Poland (1761 - 1815)

Count Jan Nepomucen Potocki (March 8, 1761 - December, 1815) was a Polish nobleman, Polish Army captain of engineers, ethnologist, Egyptologist, linguist, traveler, adventurer and author whose life and exploits made him a legendary figure in his homeland, although he is chiefly known outside Poland for his novel The Manuscript Found in Saragossa.
   The Saragossa Manuscript (1958)
     aka The Manuscript Found in Saragossa
   The New Decameron (1966)
   Tales from the Saragossa Manuscript (1990)
Anthologies containing stories by Jan Potocki
Short stories
The Story of the Demoniac Pacheco (1805)
The Story of Commander de Toralva (1958)
The Story of Leonore and the Duchess d'Avila (1958)
The Story of the Terrible Pilgrim Hervas, and of His Father, the Omniscient Infidel (1958)