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Author John Philpin, one of the first independent criminal profilers, is an internationally recognized expert on violent behavior and criminal investigation. Philpin is a frequent consultant to law enforcement and the media.

Philpin has been a guest commentator on Court TV, 20/20 Downtown, Unsolved Mysteries, America's Most Wanted, Inside Edition, Chronicle, The Geoff Metcalf Show, The Jim Bohannon Show, Northwest Afternoon and CBC's As It Happens.

Philpin is a regular contributor of exclusive true crime commentaries and short stories for True Crime and Justice Web site.

A retired psychologist, he has authored and co-written seven books and numerous articles, and the featured character in an eighth, drawing on his experience.

A recipient of numerous awards for contributions in murder investigations, his forensic work was featured in Philip E. Ginsburg's Shadow of Death the investigation of a series of murders along interstate highway corridors of Vermont and New Hampshire in the 1980s.
Lucas Frank
   1. The Prettiest Feathers (1997) (with Patricia Sierra)
   2. Tunnel of Night (1998) (with Patricia Sierra)
   3. Dreams in the Key of Blue (2000)
   4. The Murder Channel (2001)
   Bad Dog (2011)
Non fiction
   Beyond Murder (1994) (with John Donnelly)
   Stalemate (1997)
   Shattered Justice (2006)