book cover of White Rose Rising

White Rose Rising

(The second book in the Alayan series)
A novel by

A war that threatens to destroy them all. An underground society trying to fight back. Two impossible love stories.

Emma is stumbling through etiquette lessons and trying to behave like a lady at dinner parties and balls, when she would feel much more comfortable haggling at foreign markets with a cutlass at her hip. Will she ever feel like the woman she was born to be? And then there’s her heartache over the absence of a certain Hemmish Naval Officer. Will she ever see him again?

Lady Olenn is trying to make Emma feel at home, but danger seems to have followed her there. Keeping Emma safe while protecting her own heart from the pirate captain who abandoned and betrayed her feels like an impossible task.

Captain Marchand is doing everything in his power to track down the elusive Alayan, but first he has to make sure the girl he raised is safe. Which means facing the only woman he’s ever loved, who is destined to hate him forever.

When the threat to the entire Alayan coast becomes personal, each of them must decide who they can trust and which battles they’re willing to fight. And hope they all survive in the end.

White Rose Rising is the epic sequel to Emerald of the Sea, and is the second book in The Alayan Series.

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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