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Whill of Agora Books 5-7

(A book in the Whill of Agora series)
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Elven prophecy told of one who would defeat the dark lord...

Whillhelm Warcrown has inherited a kingdom in chaos. His true love has no memory of him, his ward is trapped in the body of an ancient elf, and magic is lost. Mighty lords have claimed themselves kings of the north, dragons stir in the west, and a powerful necromancer is building an army of undead.

Whill has inherited a kingdom in chaos, now he must fight to keep it.

Dirk and Krentz have found themselves bound to a new bearer. The dwarf princess Raene now holds the timber wolf figurine. Hell bent on revenge, she drags Dirk, Krentz, and Chief along on a dangerous quest to stop the necromancer.

Aurora Snowfell has been raised from death as an undead lich. Unable to resist the necromancer's power, she travels north with Azzeal and the growing undead hordes, getting closer to the barbarian island of Volnoss with every step.

Roakore has returned to his mountain kingdom and busied himself with the rebuilding. For six months Roakore has ignored his new abilities, but soon he will have to face the impossible truth.

Kellallea remains silent to the elves. Avriel and Zerafin are forced to watch helplessly as their mother, and many of the elders fall deathly ill. The once powerful elves of Elladrindellia have found themselves mortal for the first time in untold millennia.

Genre: Fantasy

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