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One Hot Fall Term

(The first book in the Yardley College Chronicles series)
A novel by

From Sharon Page, USA Today bestselling author of The Club and Sin.

I'm Mia Reynolds, 19 years old, and I have to leave the guy I love to go to the college of my dreams.
When my mom and I came to Milltown to live, it was like starting all over again. I pretended my past abuse didn't exist. And by some miracle I found something I thought I'd never find, something I believed I was too screwed up to ever have: an amazing, sweet, decent, gorgeous guy.
Ryan Taylor has survived a tough past too. It has made him into the most honorable guy I've ever known. But to build our futures, Ryan and I have to split up and go to colleges on opposite sides of the country. I fear our last night together may be the end of our relationship. I'm determined to give up my vow to be good and seduce Ryan. I want one night of passion with the guy I love.
But after the hottest, most incredible night I can imagine, Ryan and I promise to make a long distance relationship work.
Then, at Yardley College I meet Jonathon Powell, the wild, arrogant, powerful son of a billionaire. He pursues me and I fight to resist temptation because I love Ryan. Jonathon becomes my best friend, but I keep wondering if he still wants more...
Then everything changes. Ryan goes "AWOL" from his college and comes to see me. I know I have to make him go back, but it's too tempting to be with him - even just for one white-hot, wicked weekend. As Jonathon helps me cope with my past, he tries to make me see that he and I should be together. I would never give Ryan up, but when Ryan begins to discover the secrets I've kept from him, will I lose him forever?
Length: 67,500 words / 206 pages

This story is intended for readers 18 years of age and older.

Ryan nuzzles my neck. Then he whispers, "We're going to make this work, Mia. We can keep in touch, and we'll see each other at Thanksgiving and winter and spring breaks."
He straightens, looks as me earnestly.
I nod. This isn't what I expected. I thought we would be letting each other go.
"We will make this work," I repeat, as though saying the same words somehow makes a pact with fate.
But I'm determined to do it. When you've been given the perfect guy on a silver platter you would be insane not to make it work.
A screen door slams up at the cabin, the sound echoing over the lake. I jerk up from Ryan's chest, and he gets to his feet. Next thing I know, he's handing me my clothes.
"We'd better go back to the party," he says.
His going away party, combined with the last blowout of our graduating high school class. This is our last weekend before college. The last weekend I'll see Ryan until Thanksgiving.
Tomorrow I go back home and spend my last evening with my mom. On Monday, I go away to Yardley College, while Ryan finishes packing for military college. My stepfather will drive me to Yardley. I'm scared thinking about the looooong drive. But what can I do?
I've been with Ryan and now everything's changed.
I'm dressed and so is Ryan. I grasp his hand, ready to go back to the party, but he turns me to him and cups my face. His hands are strong but gentle when he touches me. He pulls me into a long, slow, steamy kiss. "I love you, Mia. I'm never going to let you go."
Guilt, happiness, joy, apprehension - it all explodes in me. I keep the damage to two tears that fall to my cheek.
Ryan brushes them away. "Don't cry. We've still got another day."
I wish...
I don't know what I wish. I can't tell Ryan the truth about me, but I can't make him love me based on lies, can I?
Footsteps sound on the gravel path that leads down from the cottage to the dock. Now is not the time for admitting crappy stuff, I know. I want to keep this special.
I've found love, as amazing as that is.
There is no way I want to let it go.

Genre: Romance

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