Charlotte Murray Russell

USA flag (1899 - 1992)

Charlotte Murray Russell was an American writer. Her spinster character was Jane Amanda Edwards.

Born Charlotte Murray on May 22, 1899, in Rock Island, she lived most of her life there and was known as Chatty by her many friends. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Chicago and did graduate work at McGill University in Montreal before returning to her home town to teach French and Latin at the Rock Island High School until she married Marcus J. Russell in 1925. In 1953, Russell stopped writing and took a job at the Rock Island Public Library. She died on her birthday at the age of 93.

Jane Amanda Edwards, fat and fortyish, was a spinster, shrewd of mind and sharp-tongued. She lived in an old rambling frame house in Rockport, a town in the American Midwest. She had a sister Annie, a brother Arthur, and an old friend in Lieutenant George Hammond of the Rockport Police Department. Like her contemporaries, she had the knack of becoming involved in crime. Charlotte Murray Russell featured her in Death of an Eloquent Man (1936) and eleven other novels.

Genres: Historical Romance
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