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The Earth is dying, the only hope of escape is to win the lottery and be taken to Karal to be an alien mate. But what if the lottery wasn't random? What if they want you for what you know, and to punish you for what you've done?

This is the fate awaiting Elissa. She didn't enter the lottery, but somehow she still won. As the puzzle unravels, she finds herself trapped, with no option but to go to the planet Karal. All she can hope, is that her chosen alien mate will see her for who she really is, and not for the person he thinks she is.

Marin has been chosen to be the first prize in the Earth lottery. With no females of their own, the Karalians have no choice but to take females from the dying Earth. Only this time they are avoiding taking them by force, unless absolutely necessary. But with resistance to their presence on Earth, his mission soon changes. Not only does he have the responsibility of creating the first of the next generation of Karalians, he also has to find a way to change the attitude of the Earth female he has been given.

But is there any way to change the opinion of a woman who is responsible for the deaths of two of his species? Time is not on his side, because as soon as the female is with child, she will be sent to the breeding house, there to be shut away until she gives birth to their child.

When he starts to fall for Elissa, he questions whether they are better off together. However, the Hierarchy rule Karal, can he persuade them to break with traditions?

'Skim', Celia, entered the lottery because she felt like a burden on her poor family. However, when she wins, she realises she has made the biggest mistake of her life. Love is worth more than clean air in your lungs and food in your stomach. Now it is too late. She is going to have to leave her family behind and travel to Karal

What the Hier Ruler wants, the Hier Ruler gets. And he wants Vanessa.

Vanessa is an artist, stuck in the grey world Earth has become. Yet she doesn't yearn to leave, despite there being nothing left for her on her home planet.

The chance to win the lottery, to go and live on Karal, a planet filled with life and colour, is not for her. But a chance encounter with Lytril, the Hier Ruler of Karal, means control over her own future, her own destiny, is taken from her.

Ishk has made it his job to protect his home planet from human females. Instead of offering to help Earth, the Karal should simply take the females they need, to breed the next generation, and imprison them in the breeding house. Forced to take a mate for himself, he is adamant that he is one Karalian who will never fall under the spell of a female from Earth

Evie is desperate, with no home she is forced to live on the streets, finding shelter wherever she can. In a bid to be more than a forgotten soul on the dying Earth, she enters the lottery, never expecting to win. She certainly never expected her lottery "prize" to be the hard faced, emotionless Ishk.

Can a life on Karal, with an alien who hates everything about your species, be better than the life she wants to escape?

As the one Karalian who has always sympathised with Earth, Okil is at last given the chance to take a lottery winner as his mate. He doesn't need to go through any selection process, he has known for months who he will choose as the mother of his child.

But since his last visit to Earth, the woman he loves, has become embroiled in something sinister. Will Okil risk everything for the woman he loves?

Where does his true devotion lie? With the Karal, or humans? Can he find a way to make the two compatible?

Genre: Science Fiction

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Title: Chosen By The Karal - The Complete Series: Alien Lottery Romance
Author(s): Harmony Raines
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