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Michael Reisman

USA flag (b.1972)

Michael went to college in upstate NY at the State University of New York, Albany (a.k.a. SUNY Albany), and he graduated with a degree in Psychology and English. He's had many jobs: a pizzeria dishwasher, a supermarket checkout boy, and spraying cologne in a department store (he got fired on his first night). He's worked making smoothies, selling retail clothing, and he washed enormous party tents for one day. He's worked for a software company, and temped at various jobs in the movie/ TV industry, including an assistant for Tom Hanks for a few months. He's tutored for the SATs (verbal) and has been a script/ book reader for various movie and television companies, including Dreamworks/ Dreamworks Animation, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. Some of his friends describe it as getting paid to write book reports; they're not entirely wrong. But he's happy - he loves to read, and he's making money doing it.