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The Eliminator Series Books 4-6

(A book in the Eliminator series)
An omnibus of novels by

Books 4-6 of The Eliminator Series include:
The Eliminator
The Betrayal
The Comeback

The Eliminator

As Jacobs becomes more at ease with his nickname, and starts using his abilities to help others, he finds he is still not done with Mallette’s bunch. Or at least what they used to be known as. Lawrence Wiggins, Mallette’s lawyer, is found dead, leading the imprisoned crime boss to getting a new attorney appointed from New York. Only this one comes with caveats.

Roger Alexander is not only Mallette’s new lawyer, but he’s also taking over his organization. But in order to completely take over, he needs Mallette, and the rest of his men, eliminated. He calls for a truce with Jacobs, speaking to him at the cemetery, and offers up the rest of Mallette’s men for him on a silver platter. But something isn’t right. Is Alexander really just serving up the rest of Mallette’s men, or is he luring Jacobs into a trap to try and get rid of The Eliminator once and for all?

The Betrayal

It's just another ordinary day for Brett Jacobs. He's spending it in the cemetery with his family like usual. But suddenly, his quiet morning is about to get thrown for a loop. Standing in the crosshairs of a sniper, Jacobs is saved from certain death by a beautiful private investigator named Abbie Johnson. As the two start getting to know each other, the coincidences and strange occurrences keep piling up, giving Jacobs room to believe that his new friend may not be what she claims she is.

Is Abbie the woman Jacobs needs to finally move on and get rid of the hurt that he's been carrying? Is she really interested in helping Jacobs in his fight against the criminal element? Or is she not the person she claims to be and is waiting for the right opportunity to twist the knife in Jacobs' back?

The Comeback

Franks finds himself in a bind and enlists the help of his friend, Brett Jacobs, to help alleviate the problem. Barberio's Butchers, a small-time gang with big-time aspirations, is looking to put a hurting on the pawn shop owner. It's up to Jacobs to make sure that doesn't happen.

While that's going on, Mallette finds himself with a new lawyer, one he didn't ask for. This one, though, has better news for him than Alexander did. It seems that Mallette is on the comeback and retaking control of his operation. With that in mind, some of the holdovers from Alexander's bunch are intent on impressing their new boss and put a hit out. Someone is taking a bullet. But who?

Genre: Mystery

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