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The African Trilogy

(A book in the African Book Collection series)
An omnibus of novels by


Africa changes you forever. Once you have been there, you will never be the same again.
THREE iconic historical novels, in one box set, will take you back in time to some of the most notable and captivating periods of Britain's African colonies.

Book 1: Cry of the Fish Eagle
"There's a saying. Hear the cry of the fish eagle and you'll always come back. Bush fever. Call it what you will. That sound is the most beautiful sound on earth. It's worse than booze or drugs. Addictive. Totally addictive."

Flying Officer Rupert Pengelly briefly escapes war to the British colony of Rhodesia. His mission not just duty-driven but a promise to look for an orphaned young girl, Sasa Savage. Having disappeared into the African bush with her eccentric grandfather, she is lost to him and with time running out he rejoins the theatre of war.

When peace returns, Rupert travels home to his beloved Cornwall and the farm he loves, only to learn he has been cruelly cheated out of his inheritance by his distant cousin. Devastated and desolate. Rupert is torn. Can he keep a pledge to a dead man and return to Rhodesia continuing the search for the missing girl? Will the cry of the fish eagle call to him?

Book 2: Vultures in the Wind
Luke was close to death. He had been beaten mercilessly and was unrecognisable. Just for names, names of his ANC accomplices.

Matt and Luke are born on the same day, spending an idyllic childhood in the heart of Southern Africa's Transkei, blissfully unaware of the differences between them. But, when they are forced to leave their home, both young boys struggle to find their place in a society where racial segregation is the norm.

Gradually they begin to build their lives until one night Luke is abducted from Matt's Johannesburg flat to a place unknown and brutally assaulted. After spending time in a hospital, Luke a changed man heads for London embarking on his revolutionary fight for freedom. Matt meantime builds his business empire but always wonders whether he was now part of his best friend's hatred.

It would be another twenty-nine years before meeting again. Did either of them find peace, or was their all-too-brief childhood their only comfort in a world driven by political and societal extremes?

Book 3: Just the Memory of Love
Will he ever find his love again or will she always just be a memory?

The global war is finally over and for the young and naive Will Langton, his future is full of exciting adventure and happy dreams. Captivated by a brief, but innocent love affair on the rocks of Dancing Ledge, the romance is shattered in one single moment and she is lost to him. For Will, it's an unbearable pain that he cannot hope to escape from and the only means to assuage his sorrow is to run away... to Africa.

Meantime, Will's older, astute and devious brother Byron, has his own ideas on making his way through life. He wants money and power and he doesn't care whom he treads on, including his own family. After four years of absence, Will returns to England with a small fortune. Seeking his brother's financial advice, Will is deceitfully manipulated in more ways than one.

Bemused with life but accepting, Will drifts from place to place, Africa becoming another distant memory. Yet Will never forgets, always wondering where she is and what became of her.

But what too of his scheming brother? Will Byron ever reveal his deception?

If you love historical family sagas based on true events, then pick up today three books in one box set. Stories of love, friendship, deceit, and war, with unforgettable characters.

Genre: Historical

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