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Angela Seals

Angela Seals is an award-nominee, Chicago native with an awesome imagination for storytelling. Her novels offer real life issues and compelling love affairs. Angela's novels speaks to her readers desire to find love by providing life, imagery and words to their thoughts and fantasies. These dynamic stories derived from her love of reading, which began in her early teens. It was during this time that she started reading short stories, and soon moved into romance novels.

However, out of her love for all genres grew her alter-ego, Angel de Amor. Manifested from the edgy characters floating around in her head that could not be contain, Angel de' Amor was born to dominate her love for her fiery contemporary romance stories. Angela continue to write under both names to offer her readers a variety of stories filled with temptation and forbidden love affairs.

Angela loves connecting with her readers and quenching their thirst for suspense. Currently, she is hard at work on her next dynamic and sultry story.

Genres: Romance