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Cowgirl Up!

A collection of stories by

This is one fun ol' cowgirl's reflections on livin' n' dyin', laughin' n' cryin', marryin' n' divorcin', winnin' n' losin', singin' n' dancin', ropin' n' ridin', feedin' n' waterin', saddlin' n' shoein', bridlin' n' cinchin', campin' n' cookin', smokin' n' drinkin', eatin' n' fartin', whoopin' n' hollerin', herdin' n' wranglin', fishin' n' huntin', shootin' n' baggin', castratin' n' brandin', cussin' n' cursin', hopin' n' prayin', hatin' n' forgivin', dreamin' n' believin', agin' n' lovin' ...From the bright lights of Reno, Nevada, to the serenity of the Rocky Mountains, the Shady Lady's original cowgirl poetry, humourous stories, one liners, recipes, and cartoons will take you on one hell of a ride - one you won't soon forget.

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