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Crazy One More Time

(The eighth book in the Aspen series)
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Small town, sexy romance by Amazon bestselling author Cindy Stark.
This book is #8 of the popular Aspen Series. Each takes place in the same small town. While characters do reappear in other Aspen books, it's not necessary to read them in order.


Afton considered pretending she didn't remember him after all this time but couldn't. "How are you, Corey?" She held out a hand for him to shake as though they might have been old friends.
He took it, a flash of intrigue firing in his gaze. "I'm well. You?" He kept hold of her hand, sending an influx of heated currents into her fingers and palm.
She cleared her throat and slipped her hand from his. "Other than the outcome of today's meeting, I'm good."
An embarrassed smile curved his lips. "Yeah, not the best way to reconnect with you after all this time, is it?"
Reconnect? Like they'd had something more than one night in the grass on a hillside under the stars. Like their deep conversation that night hadn't been a way for him to get into her panties. "Right." Awkwardness slipped over her like a hangman's noose, and she struggled for a better reply. Instead, she took a drink of bourbon, not stopping until it was gone.
Then coughed.
He laughed. "It can't be worse than your grandpa's moonshine."
"Oh, God, no." The case of whiskey she and Laurel had discovered as teenagers in her grandpa's barn had been the harshest she'd ever tasted.
"How much do you think we drank that night?"
That night? She'd been so certain she'd left that night in the past where it belonged.

What's wrong is right...
Afton is adamant about opening a legitimate whiskey distillery with her renegade grandpa. Unfortunately, a vindictive mayor stands in their way, and he'll stop at nothing to crush their business plans. To complicate matters, Afton gave her virginity to one of the city council members during a reckless night of teenage passion. Now, she has to reconcile the boy who never called with the attractive, accomplished man who's constantly in her path.

What was right has gone wrong...
Years ago, Corey let family and community expectations keep him from pursuing the one woman who challenged his mind and stirred his passion. Luckily, fate brought her back into his life, and he will no longer blindly follow his conventional father's footsteps. He's determined to fight the old boys' club and risk everything he's built to do the right thing. It may cost him his family. He hopes it will prove his worth to Afton. Still their brief, yet intense interlude happened a long time ago, and maybe her heart can't be won.

Sometimes, when the lines between right and wrong are so blurred, you have to follow your heart.

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I love a story where two kids meet in high school and have that moment or spark and then find themselves face to face again sometime down the road and that chemistry is still there. This story had a lot more mystery to it. The what's gonna happen kinda moments. I really liked the kind of man Corey was despite his upbringing. He went for what he wanted no matter what others opinions were on the matter. I loved the relationship Afton had with her grandpa. Don't see many stories where the girl is raised by her grandpa. At the end of the story once the big mystery unfolded my heart broke. I was not expecting the things that happened. In the end everything turned out well.


Genre: Romance

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Title: Crazy One More Time (Aspen Series Book 8)
Author(s): Cindy Stark
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