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EDWARD SKLEPOWICH has been an expatriate American for many years. He has been a Fullbright scholar of American literature in Egypt, Algeria, and Tunisia. He divides his time between Tunisia, where he is a university lecturer, Venice, New York, and a former Phoenician town on the Tunisian Mediterranean called Sousse. His deep feeling for Venice is one expression of his maternal Italian heritage.

Genres: Mystery
Urbino McIntyre Venetian Mystery
   1. Death in a Serene City (1990)
   2. Farewell to the Flesh (1991)
   3. Liquid Desires (1993)
   4. Black Bridge (1995)
   5. Death in the Palazzo (1997)
   6. Deadly to the Sight (2002)
   7. The Last Gondola (2003)
   8. Frail Barrier (2007)
   9. The Veils of Venice (2009)

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