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After World

(The third book in the Apocalypse Earth series)
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Alien war, apocalyptic romance and survival adventure at its best… The third and final story of the Apocalypse Earth Series brings full closure to this alien first contact Sci Fi thriller.

What would you do if an alien kidnapped your son? What would you do if an alien kidnapped your brother? You hunt him down…

And, you have to find him before he grabs one of the last star ships off of Earth, paying for passage with the human he stole.

Stunning, fast paced, high action sci fi sizzler you can’t put down.

The siege of Terra ends with the collapse of the alien armada… but that is just the beginning of the terror and the journey our human heroes face when one of their own is taken as a wild-caught slave to be bartered for passage off Terra.

And with the new aliens closing down orbital access, the evil alien is desperate to escape before he is caught and killed. That is especially true for the Brinlo Orbital Overlord, when his escape ship is holed by a particle beam cannon and crashes on Earth.

He is desperate to find another ship before his time runs out. He grabs a human to take as a slave for barter and the urgent journey begins. And, time is running out!

Bring your hunting bow and fastest travel pack to stay up with Bill, Maria, Ben and the others as they track down the alien and work to figure out how to get inside his impenetrable personal defense screen and survive the blasts from his Warrior Assault Rifle.

It is the ultimate battle of alien technology against the basic HUMAN will to succeed.

The alien has everything to lose and the humans will not be denied.

In this epic adventure, not all humans are good and not all aliens are bad. The difficult journey is to tell them apart.

Everything comes to an intense focal point at the end, just as the evil alien finds a ship to help him escape.

Read the stunning conclusion to this Sci Fi book set and series set in the rich science fiction & fantasy alternative history of the Trigellian Universe.

Genre: Science Fiction

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