John Stephen Strange

(Dorothy Stockbridge Tillett)
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John Stephen Strange was the pen name of Dorothy Stockbridge Tillett, who wrote 22 mystery novels for the Crime Club published from 1928 to 1976. All of her books have been out of print for many years now, and recently we have decided to reprint them mostly unabridged, but with added annotations for today's readers to enjoy these thrilling stories.
Dorothy Stockbridge Tillett was born in 1896 in New York, where she lived for most of her life. She published poetry in various magazines in the late 1910's, which were compiled into a book in 1920. She was a playwright of one-acts, often performing in her own plays. In 1928 she began her mystery-writing career with her first novel for the newly formed Crime Club, The Man Who Killed Fortescue. She maintained the secret of her true identity through the 48 years she published under the name John Stephen Strange, finally retiring from writing with the publication of her last novel, The House on 9th Street in 1976. Dorothy died in Connecticut in 1983.

Genres: Mystery
   Murder At World's End (1930)
     aka The Strangler Fig
   The Chinese Jar Mystery (1933)
     aka Black Hawthorn
   For the Hangman (1934)
   Uneasy Is the Grave (1949)
     aka Unquiet Grave
   The Fair and the Dead (1951)
     aka Reasonable Doubt
   Dead End (1953)
     aka Let the Dead Past
   Catch the Gold Ring (1955)
     aka A Handful of Silver
   Night of Reckoning (1958)
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