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Ishara, the Goddess of Life and Birth, once wandered the world of men and she loved them. She loved them so much that she gave birth to the incubi and spread her children among all who worshipped her. But her 'gifts' were not well-received and her children grew hungry and cruel. Now, centuries later, demons overrun the world and man is fast becoming an endangered species.

When the tiny farming community of Breckenhold is attacked, Veda becomes its only survivor and her life inextricably changed. Her body and will no longer her own - the captive plaything of the incubi who save her - it is to this shunned and forgotten goddess that Veda must now go if she hopes to stop Ishara's savage children before her people and all of those she now holds dear are hunted into extinction.


She smiled again, flashing the points of her teeth.

Veda stared at them, breathing heavily and wincing as she swallowed.

"Thirsty?" Turning sideways, Nisso lifted a water bladder down from the wall. Unstopping the end, she brought it to Veda's mouth. "Open. Cheep for me, my little bird, and I shall nourish thee."

A few drops of air-temperature water dribbled between her lips. Despite the pain, Veda drank.

"Tell me if you feel blood running down the back of your throat. Lohen is skilled when it comes to cauterizing, but you know men - thick in the fingers and useless for anything beyond love-play and killing things. Not that both aren't equally wonderful when necessity arises, but the wonder significantly diminishes when said fingers attempt dainty medical work, accessed only through the tiny mouths of half-dead humans. Which reminds me, how feels the jaw? I did my best, putting it back where it ought to be, so never mind any odd popping sensations when you swallow - that was your cue, my love. Swallow."

Veda did, wincing. The water hurt almost as much as it felt good, diminishing the burning by sparse degrees as it went down.

"There's a good girl," Nisso soothed, allowing her two small swallows more before taking the bladder away again. "Any trickling blood?"

No, Veda mouthed.

"Popping sensations?"

She started to shake her head but stopped, wincing, when the pain flared hot all over again.

Nisso tsked. "Now see, what did I tell you about holding still?" Pouring water into a shallow bowl, she wet a clean cloth and gently daubed at Veda's chewed neck. "Half the day to stitch you up, the other half to clean you and here, my love, you've ruined both efforts with a single careless movement." She tsked. "You're seeping again."

The succubus touched a soft edge of cloth to her throat a bare second before the burning agony overwhelmed her. Veda mewed, a whimper as involuntary as it was excruciating, and fumbled to get a hand free of the blanket enough to grab and stay Nisso's hand. The golden-haired succubus evaded her efforts with pitiful ease. She continued to clean her, examining the ragged edges of the wound until she was satisfied the stitches had not torn.

"You'll be fine." Setting the bowl of bloody water aside, Nisso regarded both Veda and her handiwork critically before, by mild degrees, something in her expression shifted.

Glancing over her shoulder, Nisso studied the wagon's driver, glimpsed only sporadically through the heavy flaps of the canvas curtain. Turning back to Veda, she hesitated before reaching down to run the clawed-tip of one finger across her seeping wound. She looked at the single smear of blood before, even more hesitantly, bringing it to her lips. When she dipped the tip of her finger into her mouth, the taste made her eyes close. She had the look of a woman enjoying a rare treat.

"Mm," Nisso sighed. "Delicious, my love. Small wonder someone tried to eat you."

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Title: Incubus Moon
Author(s): Penny Alley, Maren Smith
Publisher: A Red Hot Romance Novel
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