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Margit Sandemo

Norway (b.1924)

The life of Margit Sandemo could be lifted straight from one of her sagas. The daughter of a Swedish countess who abandoned her privileged upbringing to marry a crofter, Sandemo undoubtedly inherited her writing talent from her father the illegitimate son of a Nobel Prize Winner for Literature Ibsens friend and rival, Bjornsterne Bjornson. Now in her eighties, Margits other great passion is white water rafting.
Legend of the Ice People
1. Spellbound (2008)
3. The Depths of Darkness (2008)
     aka The Stepdaughter
4. Yearning (2008)
     aka The Successor
5. Mortal Sin (2008)
     aka Friendship
6. Evil Inheritance (2008)
     aka Evil Legacy