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A Call To Arms

(The fourth book in the This Lawless Land series)
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After transferring the captives from Paradise to Bryn-Mawr, coming full circle in their travels, the boys set out for Lexington where those who oppose the new regime in Bremo Bluffs are holed up.

Worried about his parents Einstein chooses to go to the Bluffs alone. There he is captured and discovers the truth about his birth when he is confronted by Dravidic, the shadowy stranger who has been following them. Dravidic tricks Einstein into revealing the secret of the Trinity and its relation to Bremo Bluffs. A secret Einstein was not even aware he carried.

Billie-Bob manages to get Dravidic in his sights and pays a high price when Dravidic reaches out and invades his mind, unleashing nightmare creatures that send the young boy fleeing.

Each of them carries a trinket they found at the haunted survivalist house outside Bryn Mawr. It is through these trinkets that Dravidic is able to track each of them.

The battle comes to a head when a force attacks the southern gate. Meat and window lead another group from the brambles to catch those loyal to Price between the two forces.

Einstein confronts and defeats Dravidic. But his victory comes at a high cost. As the inhabitants celebrate the defeat of Price, he slips out of the compound, beaten but determined to defeat the darkness that has infiltrated his soul.

This Lawless Land

Welcome to a post-apocalyptic world where a child can be named Meat. A world of unrestrained brutality where death lurks around every bend, and the only law is the firepower one carries on their hip.

It is into this world these four boys have been born. A world where cellphones, fast food, and supermarkets are fables from the past. A world where the dead walk, and humanity has strayed dangerously close to the verge of extinction.

Four boys who have been drawn together on a journey of discovery, not only of the world in which they live, but of worlds that lie beyond their own, worlds beyond imagination. Along the way they will strengthen their friendship as they come face to face with the brutality of a world without laws, or consequences, save a premature death.

A journey of self-discovery, of trust, and self-reliance. A journey where they will learn to rely on one another as their friendship grows to form the bonds of family. A journey from which these four boys, three bound by a fourth, will embark upon the greatest adventure ever as they search for the safety of a past that has eluded them.

A journey that will lead them to the realization that they are the future, but to have one, they must first bring peace to this lawless land.

Genre: Science Fiction

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Title: A Call To Arms (This Laweless Land)
Author(s): Richard Schiver
ISBN: 1-09-233496-3 / 978-1-09-233496-9
Publisher: Independently published
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