Anton Tekshin


Anton Tekshin was born on June 13th, 1987, which fell on a Saturday, though his whole life he’s felt like it was a Friday. He grew up in a small town, where children’s activities consisted of alcohol consumption and playing soccer on the local pasture. Early on, books became a way for the future author to escape these dreary conditions and travel to amazing worlds. 
He liked sci-fi thrillers best of all and carried this passion with him through years of study and subsequent work in the field of forestry. His favorite authors back then were Lois Bujold, Emilio Salgari, George R. R. Martin and Robert Heinlein.
Anton always liked to tell stories, and at some point he realized that he had to try to write himself. By that time, he already had extensive experience interacting with people from various walks of life — from military personnel and “survivalists” to members of the criminal underworld. Anton enjoys putting people in extreme situations and watching them find a way out. But he does this, for the most part, only in his books :)


   1. Cooldown (2021)
   2. Old-School (2021)
   3. GoodGame (2021)
   4. Killer Play (2022)
   5. EndGame (2022)