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Lee Tulloch was born in Melbourne, Australia, a Capricorn withSagittarius rising and an Aries moon, if you believe in these things.(She's ambivalent.) Perhaps, however, her stars do explain a restlesslife lived on three continents. A graduate in English Literature fromMelbourne University, she made an unexpected foray into federal politicsas a researcher before she began writing about fashion and popularculture for Vogue Australia. Since then, she has written extensively onthe subject for international publications such as Vogue, Elle, Jalouse,Harper's Bazaar and New York magazine. While still a child, she becamethe founding editor of Harper's Bazaar Australia but was dismissed afternine issues for being a little too creative.

In 1985 she moved from Sydney to New York, where she wrote her firstnovel, Fabulous Nobodies, which has been published in several countriesand to much acclaim. With her photographer husband, Tony Amos, she chosea bohemian life, moving between Australia, New York and Paris for morethan a decade with their young daughter, Lolita. In Paris, she began hersecond novel, Wraith, a gothic tale of a dead supermodel who comes backto haunt her personal assistant. She completed it in New York and it waspublished in 1999. In 2001 she published her third novel, Two Shanes, acomedy of errors about an Australian surfer on Manhattan.

On September 11 2001 she was evacuated from her Tribeca home and lefther beloved Manhattan for the relative peace of a Sydney beach. Herfourth novel, The Cutting, a murder mystery set on the Australian coast,was published in 2003. She is a columnist on fashion, beauty and popularculture for The Australian Women's Weekly, the (sydney) magazine and the(melbourne) magazine. Her next work is a collection of her fashionessays, Perfect Pink Polish, and she is completing her fifth novel.

She would rather be a torch singer than a writer but she can't sing andthat's how it goes.

Her favourite frock is a black Azzedine Alaia from 1984, which herdaughter Lolita now wears.