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Leonard Tourney came to BYU in 2006 after teaching at Western Illinois University, the University of Tulsa, and the University of California at Santa Barbara. A specialist in composition pedagogy and creative writing, Professor Tourney has authored scholarly articles in l7th century British literature, a critical biography of Joseph Hall, short fiction, and nine historical novels, the most recent a fictional memoir of William Shakespeare.

Genres: Historical Mystery
Joan and Matthew Stock Mystery
   1. The Player's Boy Is Dead (1980)
   2. Low Treason (1983)
   3. Familiar Spirits (1984)
   4. The Bartholomew Fair Murders (1986)
   5. Old Saxon Blood (1988)
   6. Knaves Templar (1991)
   7. Witness of Bones (1992)
   8. Frobisher's Savage (1994)
Mystery of Shakespeare
   1. Time's Fool (2004)
   2. Conjurer's Daughter (2015)
   3. Falstaff's Murder (2015)
   4. Catesby's Ghost (2022)
William Gilbert
   1. The Cuckold's Bride (2022)
   2. The Kindness of Witches (2023)
   3. Solomon's Gold (2023)
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