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Terror Firma

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If you're a cynic, you're a sucker. 'They' want you to believe in aliens and goblins and UFOs and ghosts, because if you go chasing lies, you never get to the truth. A paranoid public is a pliant public. And that's just how 'they' like it. 'They' are an ultra-secret all-powerful world 'Committee' of shadowy individuals -- the real decision makers who tell governments what to do, dictate which way the stock market's heading, start up a few wars to settle old scores. They've had five centuries' experience of running the world to know that nothing spreads a rumour faster than a carefully worded denial. The truth is, there's nothing worth meeting out there. There are no aliens. Well, actually, that's not quite true. The all powerful ultra-secret 'Committee' think there are none, but they've been so busy manipulating the entire globe they haven't realised that they themselves are being manipulated. Besides, they're too inbred nowadays to see past the end of their noses let alone into the skies. From opposite sides of the globe, former US commando Frank Becker, and UFO enthusiast Dave Anderson, are about to stumble on the biggest conspiracy theory of all. And it's a discovery that threatens to destabalise the whole planet. As the 'Committee' are so fond of saying 'Blessed are the meek, for they shall be stamped upon.' Well, the meek have just put on their boots, and they're ready to do a bit of kicking themselves

Genre: Science Fiction

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