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From the authors of Battle Earth, SEAL Team Bravo, Star Crusades and Star Legions comes an epic collection of five top full-length novels. The Incredible Worlds box set contains the full text of five full-length novels. That's right, five great books! Buy the set today and read this unmissable ACTION PACK collection from start to finish:

Noah Cage is a cybernetic supersoldier, a war hero and a man on his fifth and final life. He's a Lifer, an enhanced warrior. Repaired, rebuilt and improved after four lifetimes of soldiering. With each death comes further modification and enhancement, although at the loss of yet another piece of his dwindling humanity. Cage is thrust into the debacle of the Third Martian War. One that sees every man in his unit killed, including his best friend Rob Romero.

War has raged between worlds for the last ten years, but for an experienced mercenary like Max Mason, there is money to be made. He has no allegiance to anyone but his own crew, 'The Maniacs', and will work for whoever pays him best.

A devastating apocalypse has left the world in ruins with entire regions choked by a deadly sickness. There is no form of communication and no central government, just a loose alliance of towns and warbands under the banner of the League. This loose alliance fights a desperate struggle against the raiders and marauders that snap at their borders. Life has returned to a preindustrial time with technology but a distant memory. Survival in this desperate time depends just as much on farming and industry as it does martial skill with the sword or spear.

Cal Rahm is a brilliant mining engineer destined for a glittering career. He drops out after a terrorist attack destroys his research station. His fiancee was killed in the attack, and he loses the will to go on. After a string of manual jobs, including a spell as a mercenary, fighting off hostile tribes and bandits, he signs up for a contract on Mars. The discovery of a miracle mineral on the planet has opened up opportunities for people like him. It offers the chance to earn a big pay packet. And to escape the ghosts of the past that haunt his nightmares.

It is Day 1 in the Wasteland for Zed. The first day in a nightmarish existence he could never have imagined. In every direction he faces hostile and feral survivors. Savage gangs rule the ruined cities and shantytowns, and their brutal leaders rule like feudal lords.

Genre: Science Fiction

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January 2018 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Incredible Worlds - The Sci Fi Action Pack (5 Full Length Books) (Incredible Worlds Box Set Book 1)
Author(s): Michael G Thomas, Nick S Thomas, Eric Meyer, Eric Schneider
Publisher: Swordworks
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