Natasha Tate

Natasha Tate's romantic side has its roots in childhood. As anyone and you'll hear she spent too many of her formative years believing she was Cinderella. This despite the fact that she had two loving parents and no evil stepmother in sight. Her earliest drawings were of princess attire, replete with bows, ribbons, and multiple flounces. She warbled about her future prince during chores, and began each night by assuming the most earnest Sleeping Beauty pose.

Alas, school did not tolerate such fanciful notions, and she quickly learned to rely on romance novels to satisfy her cravings for happy endings. As an army brat and perennial new kid, she consumed a book a day, hiding them within her textbooks while training half an ear on her teachers' lectures. This habit persisted into college, despite her more traditional academic pursuits, equipping her with the skills needed to tame her own alpha male hero.

Now that she's married, and the mother of her three strapping sons, Natasha's experiencing her own happily-ever-after. As an author for Harlequin Mills & Boon she lives her dream of crafting fairytale romances set in modern-day, larger-than-life settings.

Genres: Romance