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Michelle Ule

A native of San Pedro, California, she has a degree in English Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles.  She marched in the band, and worked as a reporter and  editor for the UCLA Daily Bruin.

As a writer, Michelles interested in how people survive difficulties with their spiritual life intact. She focuses on how to live a hope-full life within the context of a hostile society. Shes curious about the why and how, and likes to add ironic twists to her stories.

Shes focused the last four years on writing and researching World War I and Oswald and Biddy Chambers. Her biography of Mrs. Oswald Chambers will release in October, 2017 from Baker. 

A retired Navy wife, Michelle has a terrific husband, four brilliant children, two perfect daughter-in-laws and five adorable grandchildren.

A Bible study leader for more than 35 years, Michelle works part time at Books & Such Literary Agency. In her free time, she travels, writes and reads.

As a longtime amateur genealogists, shes the self-published author of Pioneer Stock and other family biographies.

Michelle has written an unpublished spiritual memoir, Loving God Without a Label. Its the story of how she found God at work through thirteen moves, a variety of church, denomination and parachurch settings.

Genres: Inspirational