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Yvonne is the author of Black Flowers, White Lies (Sky Pony Press, coming October 2016), Pandemic (Sky Pony Press, 2014), Avril Lavigne (Lucent Books, 2007), and Publishing (Lucent Books, 2005). She also had a short story, "Escape to Orange Blossom" included in Prep for Doom, a YA dystopian anthology (2015).

She grew up in Levittown, New York where the suburban homes were famously identical in design and the streets were named in sections (birds, astronomy-related, random occupations). Her quest for publication began in middle school (sort of) when she asked the librarian for information on how to physically create a book. Writing was fun, but how do you actually get those words into bound pages? The small library didn't have any materials about that, and it would be many years before Yvonne achieved the goal of writing a published book. 
Yvonne majored in English and Computer Science -- an unusual combination, but when she was stuck on a literature assignment she could debug her programs, and when that got boring she could write an essay. That strategy worked well and she graduated with honors from Hofstra University, followed by her MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business. Her post-college life was divided into two phases: life in the corporate world (where she worked as a computer programmer, technology trainer, recruiter, and compensation analyst) and later, life as a writer. She definitely prefers phase two. During her writing career, Yvonne has written instructional video scripts about technology, numerous articles for children and adults, a nonfiction book for teens about careers in publishing, and a biography for teens about the singer Avril Lavigne. But her real love is fiction, and after several attempts at writing a novel, she created a story about a contemporary bird flu pandemic.

Genres: Young Adult Fiction
   Prep For Doom (2015) (with Laura Albins, ER Arroyo, Amy Bartelloni, Brea Behn, Casey L Bond, TK Carter, Kate Corcino, Harlow C Fallon, Kelsey D Garmendia, Caroline A Gill, Delsheree Gladden, John Gregory Hancock, Casey Hays, Kate L Mary, Jon Messenger, Monica Enderle Pierce, Cameo Renae, Hilary Thompson and Megan White)
Non fiction
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