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Anastasija White

Anastasija is an indie author and an IT-worker who spends her days creating swoon-worthy and steamy stories that will make your heart race. Her writing is filled with flawed and relatable characters that you'll find yourself rooting for. Whether you're in the mood for angsty drama or steamy romance, her stories take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions with guaranteed happy endings.

If you're a fan of romance that leaves you breathless and begging for more, Anastasija is the author for you. Connect with her on Instagram and TikTok, where she loves to hear from her readers and share sneak peeks of her books and upcoming projects.

Instagram: anastasija.white.author

TikTok: author.anastasija.white

Genres: New Adult Romance
New and upcoming books
May 2024

(Sinners on the Ice, book 3)
February 2025

Power Play
(Sinners on the Ice, book 4)
Sinners on the Ice
   1. SIN-BIN (2023)
   2. Barn Burner (2023)
   3. Breakaway (2024)
   4. Power Play (2025)
Hale Brothers
   1. Hale (2024)

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