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Arabella Weir

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Arabella Weir is a comic writer and performer. She appears regularly on television in various guises - in all of Alexei Sayle's TV series, Harry Enfield & Chums and The Lenny Henry Show - and is also known as part of the BBC's Fast Show team.

   Does My Bum Look Big in This? (1997)
   Onwards and Upwards (1999)
   Stupid Cupid (2002)
   Stupid Cupid Mobile (2002)
   Is It Just ME? (2008)
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Magic (2002)
New Stories
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Sarah Brown and Gil McNeil

Arabella Weir recommends
Killing It (2018)
Asia Mackay
"What new mother can't relate to murder? This is the funny and thrilling story of how one woman does what all women do all the time - manage every single thing - and throws in a bit of efficient killing. Brilliant, wish I'd done more of that . . ."

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