Chris Walley

UK flag (b.1954)

aka John Haworth

Chris Walley is a geologist, author, and tertiary education lecturer. Chris Walley was born in Lebanon in 1954; however, he grew up in northern England. He studied language and gained a Ph.D. from his school. He taught at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon from 1980-84, where he met his wife and where his two sons John and Mark were born.

Genres: Inspirational
Lamb Among the Stars
1. The Shadow At Evening (2002)
     aka The Shadow and Night
2. The Power of the Night (2003)
3. The Dark Foundations (2006)
4. The Infinite Day (2008)
Heart of Stone (1989) (as by John Haworth)
Rock of Refuge (1990) (as by John Haworth)
Non fiction
Walking with God (2002) (with J John)
The Life (2003) (with J John)
The Return (2010) (with J John)