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Captains of Souls

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The murder of Moropulos by Sault is a mystery in motive and deed. Twice a murderer, Sault is nevertheless a commanding figure and an appealing character. He is the center of a tragedy ...


She stopped writing and looked round. "Come in." The maid was straightening her face as she entered. "That gentleman, miss, Mr. Sault, has called."
Beryl tapped her lips with the feathered pen holder. "Did you tell him that the doctor was out?"
"Yes, miss. He asked if you were in. I told him I'd go and see." Something about the visitor had amused the girl, for the corners of her lips twitched.
"Why are you laughing, Dean?" Beryl's manner was unusually cold and her grave eyes reproving. For no reason that she could assign, she felt called upon to defend this man, against the ridicule which she perceived in the maid's attitude.

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