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John Wray

USA flag (b.1971)

John Wray has an American father and Austrian mother, he is a citizen of both countries. He grew up in Buffalo, New York and currently lives in Brooklyn.
John Wray recommends
A Little More Human (2017)
Fiona Maazel
"Fiona Maazel is an explorer, a risk-taker, a mad scientist an artist, in other words and A Little More Human is her most brilliant and uncompromising novel yet. Take this book home and read it right away, preferably in your superhero suit."
Void Star (2017)
Zachary Mason
"Zachary Mason's magisterial new novel is a passionate immersion in science fiction, sure to delight even the most hardcore devotees of Delany, Mieville, and Dick. The greatest speculative writing intoxicates and terrifies us in equal measure with the visions it offers, and in this Void Star is no exception. A dazzling book."
A Lonely Man (2021)
Chris Power
"Is it possible to spin a thriller, a real thriller, out of the deep and bitter mysteries at the heart of the creative process? With A Lonely Man, Chris Power shows us that it can be done, and done beautifully. This is a thinking person’s novel of suspense-and also one of the most vivid and unsparing accounts of the expatriate writer’s life that I’ve encountered. Mr. Power writes with genuine daring."

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