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Former Detective Keith Wright's books achieved critical acclaim in The Times, Sunday Express and Financial Times.

AWARD WINNING. 'Murder Me Tomorrow' won the prestigious Independent Press Awards 2021 for best crime novel. His first novel 'One Oblique One' was shortlisted for the Crime Writers Association Award for the best debut crime novel of the year. 

Keith's novels are a period piece of no-nonsense detective work and the activities and culture of a pre-digital age - the 1980s. They are an incredible snapshot of a period before the internet and political correctness. How times have changed. 'Fair Means of Foul' achieved 'Distinguished Favorite' in the New York City Big Book Awards 2020.

Keith joined the police in 1979 and quickly became a Detective on CID, then being promoted to Detective Sergeant and dealing with all major crimes such as Homicide, Armed Robbery and Rape, and everything else in between. Keith spent 25 years in the police service, retiring in 2005 as a Detective Sergeant. He then began working for a global pharmacy business, leading the Serious and Corporate Investigations Unit investigating sensitive cases, such as bribery blackmail allegations and death of customers.

He lives in Nottingham and is married to Jackie. He has four wonderful children; Chris, Andy, Harry, and Lily.


Genres: Mystery
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March 2024

Killing Nan
Inspector David Stark
   1. One Oblique One (1991)
   2. Trace and Eliminate (1992)
   3. Addressed to Kill (1993)
   4. Fair Means Or Foul? (1995)
   5. Murder Me Tomorrow (2020)
   6. Death By Decree (2022)
   7. The Creep Outside (2022)
   8. Three Little Angels (2023)
   Killing Dad (2020)
   Soul For Sale (poems) (2023)
   Killing Mum (2023)
   Killing Nan (2024)

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