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Neve Wilder lives in the southern U.S., where the summers are hot and the winters are...sometimes cold. She is a mom to three rambunctious weebeasts who have joined forces in a mission to carpet the family home with toys and small items that really suck to step on at six in the morning.

She reads promiscuously, across multiple genres, but her favorite stories always contain an element of romance. Incidentally, this is also what she likes to write. Slow-burners with delicious tension? Yes. Whiplash-inducing page-turners, also yes. Down and dirty scorchers? Yes. And every flavor in between.

Neve isn't keen on being limited to one type of story or a single genre. If you enjoy slow burns and musicians, the Rhythm of Love series might be up your alley.

You'll find high heat, crackling sexual tension, and a variety of angst levels in the new adult Extracurricular Activities series that begins with Want Me.

Like smart-ass antiheroes and super steamy thrill rides? Stay tuned for the upcoming Wages of Sin series, which begins with Bad Habits.

If you need a good cry, Center of Gravity is a standalone age-gap slow burn that examines grief, enduring love, and imperfect characters doing their best (or worst, as it were) in shitty situations.

Neve fervently believes David Bowie was the sexiest musician to ever live, and she's always game to nerd out on anything from music to writing.

And finally, she believes that love conquers all. Except the heat index in July. Nothing can conquer that bastard.

Genres: Romance

   Bend (2020)