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The Great Core's Paradox 2

(The second book in the Great Core's Paradox series)
A novel by

A new Legend has begun to spread among the Coreless, but there is more work to be done.

Paradox, satisfied by his efforts proselytizing in the city of Orken, is ready to move on to greener pastures. As far as he can tell, the Great Core’s first disciples seem to agree - and they even have a destination in mind! Luckily for him, greener pastures certainly await. Unluckily for him, those green pastures are anything but safe.

The city of Verdant Grove has suffered a calamitous collapse, the Nature Core that once fueled its crops’ growth now running rampant. Its plantlife has mutated in strange and dangerous ways, each new twisting of the vegetation performed under a trio of guiding thoughts.

Kill. Spread. Devour.

Meanwhile, those few Coreless who remain within the city find themselves wishing they had left when they had the chance - or even that they had died in the initial panic, because the remainder who still live within the city’s borders found something worse than death. Something terrifying. Something that leaves them helpless and hoping for salvation.

But Paradox doesn’t care about any of that; not really. Because, while Verdant Grove might be dangerous, it's exactly the type of danger that he feels like he was created for.

One caused by a Core.

And, for one who was created by the Greatest of Cores, is there anything more satisfying than proving another Core to be less than?

Paradox doesn’t think so.

Book 2 in the story of a little snake zealot and his journey to greatness. A crunchy time-loop LitRPG series perfect for fans of Kenneth Arant, RinoZ, and Jonathan Smidt. Grab your copy today!

Genre: GameLit

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