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Two women separated by decades of time hold the future of mankind in their hands. Two men are tied to them by tangled threads of destiny that must be carefully unraveled. One of these men has the means to destroy the women along with most of the human race. The other has the power to unite them and save the world, but first he must find a way to traverse the barriers of time, death, and his own heart.

Dr. Rachel Mayton is a gifted researcher haunted by guilt because she was driving when a car accident took her husband's life and left their daughter, Megan, in a coma. After five years of trial and error, Rachel has finally developed a drug she hopes will awaken Megan and give her, and others like her, some semblance of a normal life. On the eve of launching a clinical trial for the drug, Rachel is shot and has a near-death experience in which she sees her dead husband, Doug, who delivers a cryptic warning Rachel doesn't understand. When she sees and hears his "ghost" several more times over the next few weeks, it leads her and some of her coworkers to question her sanity. She starts the trial nonetheless and two weeks into it, one of her patients, a brain-injured construction worker named Tim Nerad, briefly awakens from his coma. Rachel is the only one who witnesses this awakening and her colleagues are skeptical of her claim, even after Tim mysteriously disappears from the hospital. When he shows up at Rachel's house, she tries to talk him into returning to the hospital, but he refuses. He then weaves a tale so bizarre - one of time-traveling souls, ghostly visitations, and a future apocalypse - it leaves Rachel questioning his sanity as well as her own ... until he shares information he couldn't possibly know unless his crazy tale is true. Before Rachel can puzzle out the facts, she and Tim are forced to flee: stalked by "zombies" who want Rachel dead and pursued by the law for a murder they didn't commit. When Rachel learns her miracle drug might one day lead to mankind's extinction, she is forced to unravel the complex threads of destiny that tie her and Tim to a crazed man and heroic woman who live thirty-six years in the future. In the process she must divine the meaning behind her dead husband's message, sacrifice everyone she holds most dear, and come to terms with her growing love for Tim, a man who possesses the body of one person and the soul of another.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Title: Nick of Time
Author(s): Beth Amos
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