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Author, YouTuber, and overall feminist know-it-all, Christina Marie Alongi earned a bachelor’s in history and social justice from Hamline University in 2017.

 Immediately after graduating, she workedas a community support staff (sort of a personal care assistant plus job coach) for people with disabilities for over two years, including adults with autism, which helped inspire the main character for her debut sci-fi novel Citadel.
In addition to writing,
Alongi runs a YouTube channel (previously called Dragons, Zombies & Aliens, now just called C. M. Alongi)where she discusses writing advice, tropes, and SFF through a feminist lens.

When she’s not writing, reading, or YouTubing, Alongi enjoys bouldering, knitting, and defending her furniture from her roommate’s evil cat.


Genres: Fantasy
New and upcoming books
   1. To Kill a Necromancer (2023)
   2. Hetgarib's Curse (2023)
   3. The Horned Guardian (2023)
   4. Ghost Peak (2023)
   5. The Slain Princess (2023)
   Citadel (2023)
   The Witch who Trades with Death (2025)

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