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Nick Cutter

A pseudonym used by Craig Davidson

Nick Cutter is a pseudonym for an acclaimed author of novels and short stories. He lives in Toronto, Canada.

Genres: Horror
James Herbert Award for Horror Writing Best Book winner (2015) : The Troop

Nick Cutter recommends
Within These Walls (2015)
Ania Ahlborn
"A monstrous Russian nesting doll of a book, holding secrets within secrets; the plot barrels headlong toward one of the most shocking climaxes you’re ever likely to read. This one’s going to wreck you."
In the River (2017)
Jeremy Robert Johnson
"Reading Johnson, you feel you are in the grip of an immensely powerful, possibly malevolent, but fiercely intelligent mind."
Only the Devil Is Here (2018)
Stephen Michell
"I burnt through Only the Devil Is Here in one fevered night. Stephen Michell is the real, raw deal: a fierce young writer with chops and heart."
Bad Man (2018)
Dathan Auerbach
"Bad Man blew a big dark hole right through my chest. Spellbindingly terrifying stuff. Dathan Auerbach writes high-test, 151-proof horror."

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