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Caroline Adderson

Canada (b.1963)

Caroline Adderson is a Canadian novelist and short story writer. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, she studied at the University of British Columbia, receiving a degree in education in 1982. Her first short story collection, Bad Imaginings (1993) was nominated for the Governor General's Award and won the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize. Her second novel, Sitting Practice (2003), also won the award.
Series contributed to
   3. FPQ 3 (2011) (with Dave Margoshes, Maria Meindl and Richard Rosenbaum)
   3. Obscure Objects (2011)
   Complete Collection 1 (2011) (with Cynthia Flood, Danny Goodman, Pauline Holdstock, Lee Kvern, Kirsty Logan, Dave Margoshes, Don McLellan, Maria Meindl and Grace O'Connell)
Anthologies edited