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Eternal Vigilance

A novel by

Eternal Vigilance is a thriller inspired by today's global events and future technology, combining advanced super weaponry, international cloak-and-dagger maneuvers, and action sequences that are extremely cinematic and highly realistic. Aside from fast pacing and masterfully clever plotting, the often brutally frank depictions of secret military and covert paramilitary operations in Eternal Vigilance have that uncanny, telltale ring of reality disguised as fiction, or truth protected by the proverbial bodyguard of lies.

The thriller's title, Eternal Vigilance, comes from a fictitious ultra-secret military project to develop next-generation surveillance systems capable of clandestine high-altitude and orbital operations. The Eternal Vigilance program has developed a super plane called Black Magic. But the title is also derived from Thomas Jefferson's timeless words that "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

The innovative plot of Eternal Vigilance not only makes this thriller an exceptional work of fiction, but also makes it a powerful and insightful investigation into the benefits versus the threats offered by the omniscient digital technology that has become the main driving force of modern civilization.

The thriller's multilevel and multilayered mega-plot is also based on an account of how the freedoms that we take for granted might be stolen from us by determined secret cabals that attempt to stage a high-tech coup to undermine the government and societal structure of the United States.

Figuring in this conspiracy is a multinational corporation which is headed by a billionaire with plans that reach far beyond the board room. The corporate magnate has succeeded in tying the far-flung outposts of his empire together into a sprawling conglomerate that has grown to the point where it can transcend national governments.

The corporate chieftain sees these traditional power centers as having become outmoded and antiquated in a world increasingly driven by advanced technology. His aim is to take total control by a process of total information awareness based on a global cloud computing network. His determination to win at any and all costs is evident from the trail of homicides he's left behind. He has even succeeded in manipulating political movements that have destabilized global societies, overthrowing dictators and unseating maximum leaders in bloody coups. His final aim is to apply these proven tactics to engineer something similar in the United States.

Building on his major successes with other high-profile thrillers, author David Alexander has raised the bar in action thriller storytelling by setting his extensive knowledge of the US, UK, EU, CIS and other global defense and political institutions against a backdrop of global events that read as if they might have been torn straight from the headlines of breaking news reports.

Alexander has combined all of these and a very great deal more into an exceptional new work of narrative action fiction whose every page seems to build to a powerful and unforgettable climax that is bound to keep readers glued to the edge of their seats. Unveiled throughout the narrative of this exceptional book is a glittering array of dazzling superweapons whose descriptions read as if they're more than mere author's inventions, but are in fact derived from actual secret advanced technology military programs whose classified workings Alexander somehow knows a great deal about, and may in fact be describing under the guise of fiction.

From its first sentence to its last, this sure-fire hit flies like a precision-guided missile to strike its target with explosive accuracy and devastating power. It's a super thriller that shows David Alexander at the top of his game. Like his other action fiction masterpieces, Eternal Vigilance will help confirm Alexander's well-deserved place as one of the best writers in the genre.


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Kindle Editions

November 2011 : USA, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Eternal Vigilance
Author(s): David Alexander
Publisher: Triumvirate Digital Publications
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA