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Leah Atwood

Leah is a small-town girl at heart and currently lives in a rural town in the deep South, though Maryland will always be home. She graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in International Business but gave up a career in sales and marketing to follow love, a decision she's never regretted.

Always a dreamer, she loves to think of times gone by and discover what the American West was really like as the frontier was bring tamed. Because time-travel doesn't really exist, she uses her stories as an outlet to transport back in time and experience the days of old. Never one to ignore inspiration, she is also branching out into contemporary Christian romance, where she will continue providing wholesome, engaging stories of love in a modern setting.

Her works have reached best-seller status and After the Rain has reached #1 in Western and Inspirational Romance. She gives thanks to God for blessing her with an amazing opportunity to share her faith in a way to inspire people and bring a smile to their faces.

Genres: Inspirational