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Melle Amade

Melle Amade is the author of the YA urban fantasy Shifter Chronicles series. Her books weave a tapestry of hidden worlds, ancient power, deep passions, international locations, and young heroines who dare to risk their lives and sometimes... even their hearts. Melle lives in Los Angeles, California where she can snowboard on the mountain and swim in the ocean all in one day. Sanctuary is her debut novel.

Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
   Ever in the After (2017) (with Miracle Austin, J A Culican, Madeline Dyer, Jessica Hawke, Alaina Hebert, Elizabetta Holcomb, Jackie Hyman, Stephanie Keyes, Christopher D Morgan, Mandy Peterson, Alice Rachel and Cadence Rae)
   Marked by Fate (2017) (with D L Armillei, Melissa A Craven, Erin Hayes, Lena Mae Hill, Amalie Jahn, Alisha Klapheke, Debra Kristi, Kristin D Van Risseghem, Kelly St. Clare, Rhonda Sermon, Ingrid Seymour, Hilary Thompson, Jamie Thornton and Sarah K L Wilson)
   Corsets and Cogs (2018) (with Angelique Armae, Margo Bond Collins, Pauline Creeden, J A Culican, Blaire Edens, Jayne Fury, Rebekah R Ganiere, Laura Greenwood, Erin Hayes, Melanie Karsak, Julie Morgan, Lexi Ostrow and E B Walters)
   Bustles and Bells (2018) (with E B Black, Margo Bond Collins, Pauline Creeden, J A Culican, S J Davis, Laura Greenwood, Erin Hayes, Skye MacKinnon and Lexi Ostrow)