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Julianna Baggott

USA flag (b.1969)

aka Bridget Asher, N E Bode

Julianna Baggott is the author of five novels -- including national bestseller Girl Talk, The Miss America Family, The Madam, and Which Brings Me to You, co-written with Steve Almond, and My Husband's Sweethearts (this title as Bridget Asher), as well as three books of poems, including This Country of Mothers, Lizzie Borden in Love, and Compulsions of Silkworms and Bees.

She also writes novels for younger readers under the pen name N.E. Bode -- The Anybodies trilogy, The Slippery Map (fall 2007), the prequel to Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (2007), a movie starring Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Portman, and Jason Bateman; and a Red Sox novel The Prince of Fenway Park (March 2009). Bode is a recurring personality on XM Radio - XM Kids. Her work has appeared in dozens of publications, including the Best American Poetry series, Glamour, Ms., Poetry, The Southern Review, TriQuarterly, and read on NPR's Here and Now and Talk of the Nation. She lives in Florida with her husband writer David G.W. Scott and their four kids, and teaches at Florida State University's Creative Writing Program. Along with her husband, Baggott is a co-founder of the nonprofit organization Kids in Need - Books in Deed.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Science Fiction
Anybodies (as by N E Bode)
   1. The Anybodies (2004)
   2. The Nobodies (2005)
   3. The Somebodies (2006)
Pure Trilogy
   1. Pure (2012)
   2. Fuse (2013)
   3. Burn (2012)
   Girl Talk (2001)
   The Miss America Family (2002)
   The Madam (2003)
   Which Brings Me to You (2006) (with Steve Almond)
   The Slippery Map (2007) (as by N E Bode)
   Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (2007) (as by N E Bode)
   The Prince of Fenway Park (2009)
   The Ever Breath (2009)
   Harriet Wolf's Seventh Book of Wonders (2015)
     aka The Seventh Book of Wonders
   Mental Diplopia (2017)
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