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How Science is Extending Your Life Span and Changing the World
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The first immortals are already living among us. You might be one of them.

At first glance, that arresting statement sounds as if it might come from a science fiction story. But it is an astonishing, exciting fact--as explained clearly and cogently by Dr. Ben Bova. In his distinguished career, Dr. Bova has predicted the discovery of life on Mars, the space race of the 1960s, solar-powered satellites, the discovery of organic chemicals in interstellar space, virtual reality, the Strategic Defense Initiative, the advent of international peacekeeping forces, the discovery of ice on the Moon, and electronic book publishing Now he explores the future effects of science and technology on the human life span--and discovers that one day, death will no longer be the inevitable end of life.

Dr. Bova guides readers through worldwide research into the biochemical processes that cause aging and death, and shows what scientists are discovering about stopping, perhaps even reversing these processes According to Dr. Bova, if you have a normal life expectancy today, the medical and biological advances that will be achieved over the next ten to twenty years will probably allow you to live long past one hundred The longer you live, the more knowledge scientists will glean, and the further they will be able to extend your life span.

With crystal-clear, utterly accessible prose Dr. Bova explains how science could maintain the youth and vigor of a fifty-year-old indefinitely, perhaps even reversing the effects of aging He also offers provocative thoughts on the tumultuous societal consequences of such biomedical breakthroughs, as greatly extended life spans and virtual immortality transform institutions like Medicare, Social Security, pension plans, life insurance, even the very foundations of work and retirement Here is a compelling, startling, understandable, and vitally important study of the greatest challenge--and the most tantalizing opportunity--ever faced by humankind.

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