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Ben Bova

(Benjamin William Bova)
USA flag (1932 - )

Dr. Ben Bova's has written more than 120 futuristic novels and nonfiction books, and has been involved in science and high technology since the very beginnings of the space age. President Emeritus of the National Space Society and a past president of Science Fiction Writers of America, Dr. Bova received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation in 2005, "for fueling mankind's imagination regarding the wonders of outer space." His 2006 novel TITAN received the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best novel of the year. In 2008 he won the Robert A. Heinlein Award "for his outstanding body of work in the field of literature."

Bova was born in Philadelphia and worked as a newspaper reporter for several years before joining Project Vanguard. His articles, opinion pieces and reviews have appeared in Scientific American, Nature, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many other newspapers and magazines.

A member of the Arizona Astronomy Board, Dr. Bova was earlier on the Steering Committee for the NASA/Space Transportation Association study on space tourism. He has served on panels of the Office of Technology Assessment. He is a member of the Board of Governors of the National Space Society, a charter member of the Planetary Society, and a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society. Temple University honored him as a Distinguished Alumnus in 1981, and in 1982 made him an Alumni Fellow.
1. Kinsman (1979)
2. Millennium (1976)
The Kinsman Saga (omnibus) (1987)


To Save the Sun (with A J Austin)
1. To Save the Sun (1992)
2. To Fear the Light (1994)
1. Moonrise (1996)
2. Moonwar (1997)
Jake Ross
1. Power Play (2012)
2. Power Surge (2015)
Billionaire's Club
1. Mars, Inc. (2013)



Series contributed to
Anthology series
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Ben Bova
Short stories
Answer, Please Answer (1962)
The Next Logical Step [short story] (1962)
The Perfect Warrior (1963) (with Myron R Lewis)
     aka The Dueling Machine
Men of Good Will (1964) (with Myron R Lewis)
Test in Orbit (1965)
Stars, Won't You Hide Me? (1966)
The Weathermakers [short story] (1966)
Fifteen Miles (1967)
The System (1968)
Blood of Tyrants (1970)
Brillo (1970) (with Harlan Ellison)Hugo (nominee)
A Slight Miscalculation (1971)
Zero Gee (1972)
Vince's Dragon (1981)
Love Calls (1982)
A Small Kindness (1983)
Born Again (1984)
Beisbol (1985)
Brothers [short story] (1987)
To Touch a Star (1987)
Crisis of the Month (1988)
The Man Who Hated Gravity (1989)
Fitting Suits (1990)
World War 4.5 (1990)
Bushido (1992)
Sepulcher (1992)
Conspiracy Theory (1993)
Interdepartmental Memorandum (1993)
The Mask of the Rad Death (1993)
Re-Entry Shock (1993)
Thy Kingdom Come (1993)
Inspiration (1994)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Delta Vee (1995)
In Trust (1995)
Life as We Know It (1995)
Appointment in Sinai (1996)
The Great Moon Hoax or A Princess of Mars (1996)
Legendary Heroes (1996)
Risk Assessment (1996)
The Babe, the Iron Horse, and Mr McGillicuddy (1997) (with Rick Wilber)
The Cafe Coup (1997)
Lower the River (1997)
Remember Caesar (1998)
Mount Olympus (1999)

Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1971) : Brillo
Nebula Awards Best Short Story nominee (1995) : Inspiration
Prometheus Award Best Novel nominee (1999) : Moonwar
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2007) : Titan

Ben Bova recommends
To Leuchars
To Leuchars (2000)
Rick Wilber
"Science fiction at its unnerving, thought-provoking best, To Leuchars throws a laser-sharp light on our past, present and future."

The Free Lunch (2001)
Spider Robinson
"You get much more than you bargained for in this fun-filled-yet-serious novel. Spider's the antidote for entropy, the blahs, and the pernicious notion that humour and good grace are absent from the SF field."

Smoking Mirror Blues (2001)
Ernest Hogan
"...the most original voice to hit science fiction since Harlan Ellison."
Glass Dragons
Glass Dragons (2004)
(Moonworlds, book 2)
Sean McMullen
"Sean McMullen is one of the rare ones who can combine high technology, daring visions of future societies, and strong characters into first-rate science fiction."

Awakenings (2011)
(Guardians of Aandor, book 1)
Edward Lazellari
"A weird, wild adventure... Lazellari is a talent to watch with high expectations."

Deep Black Sea (2014)
(Deep Black Sea, book 1)
David M Salkin
"Spine-tingling terror. An exciting read!"

InterstellarNet: Enigma (2015)
(InterstellarNet, book 3)
Edward M Lerner
"A breathtakingly richly realized vision of what tomorrow's civilization may look like..."

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