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Bruce Brooks, one of today's most acclaimed writers of young adult fiction, was born in Washington, DC on September 23, 1950, but spent most of his childhood in North Carolina. The child of divorced parents, he was constantly adapting to two different lifestyles, urban and rural southern. Frequently changing schools in the middle of the school year made him overcome his shyness because he had to make friends quickly. His childhood provided him with rich material for his young adult fiction.

Brooks graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1972 and from the University of Iowa Writer's Workshop in 1980. His work as a reporter for magazines and newspapers as well as numerous hobbies and interests --- such as music, nature study, sports, and reading --- all show up in his stories.

Bruce Brooks's first novel, THE MOVES MAKE THE MAN, started the author's long-term commitment to young adult writing that crosses over into adult enjoyment. Jerome Foxworthy, "The Jayfox," is an intelligent narrator who tells the story of Bix Braxton Rivers the Third with accuracy. He examines his friendship with the unlikely white boy and tries to help him. However, he finds that all his efforts cannot solve Bix's problems.
Wolfbay Wings
   1. Woodsie (1997)
   2. Zip (1997)
   3. Cody (1997)
   4. Boot (1998)
   5. Prince (1998)
   6. Shark (1998)
   7. Billy (1998)
   8. Dooby (1998)
   9. Reed (1998)
   10. Subtle (1999)
   11. Barry (1999)
   12. Woodsie, Again (1999)
   Midnight Hour Encores (1982)
   The Moves Make the Man (1984)
   No Kidding (1989)
   Everywhere (1990)
   What Hearts? (1992)
   Boys Will Be (1993)
   Asylum for Nightface (1996)
   Vanishing (1999)
   Throwing Smoke (2000)
   All That Remains (2001)
   Dolores (2002)
Picture Books
   Each A Piece (1998)
Non fiction
   Nature By Design (1991)
   Predator! (1991)
   Making Sense (1993)
   Those Who Love the Game (1994)
   NBA By The Numbers (1997)

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