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Cee Bowerman

Cee Bowerman writes romance novels with a hint of suspense and plenty of sarcasm. She likes to write about what she knows, so her books always include a strong heroine and a happily ever after.
Cee has her own happily ever after with her bearded, tattoed husband, who doesn't mind that she's always either reading a book or writing one. Together they have three kiddos who are grown but not quite grown up, two dogs who think they are royalty and a grandson who really is.
She grew up in Texas, and can't imagine living anywhere else. Her stories are mostly centered around a small town in the Texas Panhandle, where family and loyalty are the most important parts of the character's lives.
Please check out her books, and leave a review when you are finished! Cee loves to get honest feedback and would love to chat online about any questions or suggestions you have for her characters. She is never without her Kindle and loves to chat with other readers about their favorite authors and characters. Like her page on Facebook to get information on upcoming stories she's writing, or just to chat about what she's reading on her own time.
Also, make sure to follow her author page on Amazon so you know when the next story is on the way!

Genres: Romance
Texas Kings MC
   0. Kale & Terra (2020)
   1. Kale (2019)
   2. Sonny (2019)
   3. Bird (2019)
   4. Grunt (2019)
   5. Lout (2019)
   6. Smokey (2019)
   7. Tucker (2019)
   8. John & Mattie (2020)
   9. Bear (2020)
   10. Daughtry (2020)
   11. Hank (2020)
   12. Fain (2020)
   13. Grady (2021)
Conner Brothers Construction
   1. Finn (2020)
   2. Angus (2020)
   3. Mace (2020)
   4. Ronan (2021)